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28 September 2015 @ 08:33 am
fic: Two-Legged Mussel Picker  
Title: Two-Legged Mussel Picker
Author: de_nugis
Pairing, Rating: Sam/Cas (brief mentions of Sam/Jess and Sam/Amelia), NC-17
Content Notes: trueform!sex, weird sex, mentions of cunnilingus, slight pain kink and blood kink.
Wordcount: c4000
Disclaimer: don't own, don't profit
Summary: Sam and Cas try trueform sex. It's different. (prompt: "Sam reads about angel true forms in the bunker library and gets curious about what Cas looks like outside his vessel. After a bit of affectionate nagging Cas acquiesces, and true form sex ensues. Get as weird and creative as you want with the true form, as long as they both enjoy the sex.")
A/N: This was one of my odder title grabs but not totally random; it's from Sylvia Plath's "Mussel Hunter at Rock Harbor," which is in the background of some of the imagery and atmosphere I was going for. Thank you to the spn_masquerade mods, the prompter, and everyone who took part. I only managed the one fill, but it was fun.

Cas is big.
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